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Hi everyone, how do you get rid of this c-section tummy? I had 4 natural births before but now...this tummy is really bugging mommy? :)

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Ok ladies...really ready to tackle this baby belly bump that just hangs there?  If you know what I mean?  I had a crash c-section ...race and ICU ...and a classical c-section....big vertical inscision from belly button down :(    Beautiful baby but nasty scar for mommy !

Doctor says to start slow...any tips...?  Thanks everyone.  Oh by the way, 6 months since the birth almost 7 months!
asked in Moms by Chris666 (658 points)

2 Answers

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I would start slow like your doctors says.  I lost a lot of weight just watching my calories and eating healthy sugars in fruits and healthy fats in nuts.  I also use the elliptical once a day for about 45 minutes.  It is a light workout that doesnt put too much strain on your joints.
answered by Cassandra (173 points)
Thanks for your time and advice!  Congrats on losing the weight :)
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I found this article that might help you out Chris.  Hope it helps.

answered by Bestmomintown (161 points)
Thank you SO much this is an interesting site...just checking it out now while I have a few minutes!
I like this article because it points out that you may not be able to lose the tummy if its stretched out skin. Many woman have this after they get back to a healthy weight.
EXACTLY!  :)   That was a good point...we struggle so hard with body image's ridiculous....especially after having much pressure...why can't society ease up?   I will always be curvy....what you see is what you need to pad or implant anything! :)