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My babys always warm. This a normal thing?

8 votes
My baby is always warm, her doctor said her rash was normal and will go away soon and that she is not sick.  Even though it is getting colder my daughter is always warm.  Please tell me this happens to some of you.
asked in Health and advice by mommiemae (134 points)

3 Answers

1 vote
If your doctor says your babe is fine then dont worry.  I am always warm and know other people and babies with the same problem.
answered by LolaM (172 points)
0 votes
Anything over 38.3 degrees is considered a fever by most daycares so if she's below this I wouldn't worry.  I take my babe's temp when I'm worried but I don't use an anal thermometer.  I take his temp under his arm pit with his arm down (that's the way we were taught in the hospital).  I'm paranoid by nature so this is probably welcomed by him since its less invasive.  He runs warmer than 37 degrees (the apparent norm) but so do I - gotta love genetics
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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My little guy is like a furnace. He is always warm, but his temperature is always in the normal range. He takes after his father who also is always warm. It is more than likely a matter of genetics.
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)