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How OLD is too old to have a baby? [poll]

12 votes
How old is too OLD to have a baby!?
30's (0 votes)
40's (5 votes)
50's (9 votes)
60's (0 votes)
never too old! (2 votes)
asked in Moms by bcpotts (7,692 points)

11 Answers

7 votes
I would have to go with mid forties.  I think that is when you should think about not trying.  It is different for men I guess but when you think about being 65 when your child goes into college that may be a little old.  You want to be able to keep up with the little ones as well.
answered by Amy (279 points)
good answer... thx for sharing Amy!
5 votes

92 is definitely too old to have a baby. cheeky I'm with Amy, mid-forties.

answered by crackintoes (746 points)
LOL @ crackintoes... u do crack me up (perfect name!!)   :)
3 votes
It partially depends on when you started to have babies and how many babies you have.  Having a baby while in your low 20's can help you to have babies when you are post 40.  

And like Amy said, you want to be able to keep up with the kids.  How many 50 year olds can keep up with a 10 year old.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
Thx for sharing ur advice!
3 votes
I think if you can have a baby then that is Gods way of saying it is ok to raise one.
answered by Margey (187 points)
I do agree Margey.. if it's meant to be, it's meant to be!
4 votes
I'm going to be 46 years old this June and have had 5 children.  19 years old to 6 months old right last 2 babies are about 16 months apart.  The OB/GYN actually said it would be best if "I"  would complete my family by the age of 45 because health risks increase.  I had the best 2 pregnancies ever with my last 2 babies...the only complication(s) came at delivery one retaining placenta after he was born and the last was the placenta abpruption while at 10 I had my first crash C section...the others were natural deliveries.  All pregnancies are different just make sure you stay healthy and have good prenatal care...all the best!  P.S. My family is now complete :) Take care.
answered by Chris666 (658 points)
Right on Chris666, sounds like u have a great family!  Thank you for sharing ur post!
4 votes
My friend had a baby at 47 and she felt that it was a little selfish of her but she is so happy and her little bundle of joy Rebecca is so cute and keeps her young.  There cant be anything wrong with that.
answered by Roberta (202 points)
Good to hear Roberta!  We had a friend that had 2 girls in their late teens & she thought she was done (4ever!)  Turned out she got a lovely 50th b-day surprise... she found out she was expecting!  Then she later found out she was expecting with TWINS!!!  She never regrets having twins later in life... they were a true blessing!
3 votes
It soooo depends on the individual. My last was in my mid 30's and that was old enough for me. Older and I would have worsen my exisiting medical issues. I was even warned of health problems for the fetus the older the mom is, ie Downs Syndrom etc.

You have to look at energy levels - can a mom in her 50's keep up with a toddler? Is she dealing with menopause issues then? What age will you be when your kid graduates college? Will you be around to help with grandkids..or you dont care if you are? Some people expect to retire and travel by a certain age - cant do that with young dependants.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
5 votes
It all depends on the woman & her healthy.  is she in good health, can she keep up with a baby, toddler, teen, lol.  Every woman is different so can't say one particular age group.
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
4 votes
I would have to agree with the popular consensus here.  50s is when you should seriously look at your saggy face in the mirror and say that you may be too old to be running after toddlers for the next decade.  If you really think that you will have the energy and have the stability to raise one then all the power to you but just know that it is a lot of work, so if you would be a first time parent at 50 I have to tell you that you have no idea what you are in for.
answered by Willa (188 points)
3 votes
I would say early 40's even is pushing it. The risk of birth defects, most notably Down's Syndrome is markedly higher in this age group.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)