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Do you rely on your teen to babysit your younger child?

18 votes
Do you rely & depend on your teen to take care of your younger child(ren)?
asked in Teens by bcpotts (7,692 points)

8 Answers

5 votes
Best answer
I dont rely on my teenage daughter but it is nice when she volunteers to do it.  I never really pay her either because I dont think you should want money to take care of your family.
answered by Aisha (176 points)
selected by bcpotts
I do agree Aisha, we ALL must do our part :)
5 votes
My 17 year old is great with my 6 year old and 9 year old.  The age gap is perfect for my husband and I to enjoy a night out every now and then.  Of course we have to pay a little bit to keep out 17 year old interested in staying in on a weekend night.
answered by Amy (279 points)
I was the oldest & the only girl... I cared for my little brothers alot! Not to mention my younger cousins & babysat for the neighbourhood kiddies!  It kept me out of trouble & I made money! Yeehaw!  :)
4 votes
I think that my youngest daughter should be taking care of my teen one.  I leave them alone and the house is still standing when I get back and they are both alive.  Win win
answered by Roberta (202 points)
LOl Roberta.. gotta love 'em!  :)
3 votes
I did when I was in that situation. Shes 14 years older - hated it at the time.. But as an adult now she loves her little bro so much she takes him out on 'dates' and sleepovers to keep connected.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
That's great Guppy, that they are so close!  I have a little brother (he's 40 now), that I'm very close with!  I'd feel a little left out growing up sometimes, because I had to babysit them A LOT!  All my friends would be out playing, hanging out & I'd be watching my brothers.
2 votes
We don't rely on our oldest to babysit our youngest, that's not their responsibilty.  However, there have been times when one of the older two, approached us for the responsibility!  When they have cared for their younger sibling, it was not for a long period of time (maybe when we went xmas shopping or groceries.)
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
0 votes
You def dont want to RELY on your teens to take care of YOUR kids.  If you had them then you should take care of them.  If you can talk them into helping out every now and then then that is a WIN.
answered by ALANNAH (202 points)
1 vote
My teen needs his own babysitter right now so I do not.  Maybe when he is in his twenties he will be mature enough but by then my youngest will be taking care of him
answered by Snooks (220 points)
1 vote
It is unfair to rely on your teen but it is also unfair to think that your teen cant help out.  Get that teen helping out when he or she can, especially in the case of an emergency.
answered by Farrah_H (291 points)

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