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What can I do to make teething less painful for my little shreiking angel?

12 votes
Teething time, so irritating for my daughter Beth.  Also so irritating for me.  Anybody know of any tricks to help the pain go away for me and her?
asked in Development by Sabrina (117 points)

4 Answers

2 votes
Ear plugs for you , not sure what I can for her.  I was given a little bit of booze, whiskey actually but I am not sure you would want to do that.  Maybe it is an Irish thing.
answered by Whitney (143 points)
I use a little rum now and then I am not going to lie.  haha
See I knew I wasnt the only one this day and age still doing it
1 for baby, 3 for mom ;)
6 votes
There are teething gels, you can give her cold foods and they always like something to chew on.  These are all things I used,
answered by Stephanie (528 points)
3 votes
cold foods should work
answered by Natalie (120 points)
5 votes

Teething rings, water filled and chilled rubber teething toys; mom and dads (clean) fingers can all provide counter pressure that can sometimes bring relief. 

When nothing else helps, you can also turn to the Infant Tylenol.  Before giving your child Infant Tylenol, always check with your doctor first.  Your doctor will tell you if it’s all right and what the proper amount is to give your baby.  Baby Orajel and other teething pain medicines that are applied to the gums can also provide some relief.  Some parents say the Baby Orajel type products work great, while other parents will say it doesn’t.  Also check with your doctor before giving this type of over the counter pain reliever to your baby.  Best of luck dear Sabrina (I'm glad we're past that stage- you soon will be too!)

answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
I almost forgot, 2 out of our 3 kids, loved when we gave them a frozen face cloth.  Soak the face cloth & place it in the freezer. They liked to chew on it.
Very good info, Karlisss ^