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I want to know the sex of our next baby but my husband doesn't. What's the fair thing to do?

16 votes
We have 3 boys already, so of course when the next baby comes, I want to know ahead of time if I need to go shopping for some pink!
asked in Dads by NancyD (90 points)

6 Answers

5 votes
If ur hub doesn't want to know, you might as well be patient & wait it out!  There's no rush for cute lil pink things... that will come in time!  Besides, they could be wrong when they tell u (my gf was told she was having a girl... surprise, it was a beautiful boy!)

I was going to say go ahead & find out without ur hub knowing, but why be deceitful.  If it's a girl, u'll probably let it slip, out of pure excitement!  He'll come home from work one day & he'll find ur bags of cute girlie outfits & dolls, lol.  I'd say, wait it out!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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We had friends where she knew and he didn't.  It worked out fine.  She had a place where she put all her purchases and he knew not to go in there.  They both got their way.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
3 votes
The fair thing to do is wait, find out together.
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
I agree th fair thing is to wait and be surprised either way.
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That is a good question, as it often comes up with couples. One wanting to know ... the other hesitant. I'd say to play it safe and wait it out so as to lessen potential friction overall.



answered by Evan (1,400 points)
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Well, whenever I want to get my husband to go my way, I make him his favorite meal or dessert, rub his back, let him go out with his buddies, etc.  He comes around eventually.  Its all about how bad you want to know...cheeky

answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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I see no reason why you can't both have what you want. You would have to make sure you didn't tell anyone the ultrasound results, though so no one could accidentally spill the beans.

You would also have to do all your shopping alone and keep the purchases in a place where he knows not to look.

As long as you can do all that, go ahead and find out.
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)