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Grandma wants to take the kids overnight. [poll]

9 votes
Grandma wants to take the kids overnight, BUT you don't care for her new partner.  What do you do?
I'd make an excuse, that we already had plans... but thanks! (0 votes)
tell her sure... awesome you have a night out! (0 votes)
You be straight with her & tell her you do not trust her partner. (7 votes)
asked in Grandparents by bcpotts (7,692 points)

2 Answers

4 votes
There is a big question here. Are you concerned for the childs safety or do you just not like the guy.  If it is the former, then don't leave the child and tell grandma your concern.  If it is the latter let the kids go but be honest with grandma that you expect her to care for the kids, not her partner.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
yeah, I agree.  It really depends on why you don't like him.  Personal or Proven?
1 vote
Instead of an overnight, do a shorter few hour visit as a test run, depending on age of kids too; I told my parents and in laws the kids would have to be school age before they had overnights so not as a handful for all of them.
answered by GramDee (72 points)