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Our one year old seems to resist complying with the word "no". It has absolutely no meaning in her life. Any suggestions?

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Our 14 month old is still no associating the word "no" with desisting behaviour that we would like her to stop.  Any suggestions?
asked in Development by gobee (66 points)

4 Answers

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One is still young for a child to understand completely the word "no". Just keep your cool and continue letting them know that what they are doing is not okay. If your child is constantly after something they shouldn't be, maybe try to distract them with something else or if it is a behaviour you can try ignoring because at this age they can tell what will get a rise out of parents. Behaviours are also short lived at this stage. If problem persists, I would start time-outs no earlier than 2 years of age because before then, they would not benefit your child.

Good Luck!
answered by sspeters (516 points)
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I think I have to disagree with ssepters on this one.  At that age they already have quite an understanding of their surroundings.  They know how to use thing around them to get what they want, they know the sound of their name and probably the sound of yours (mommy that is).  It may, however, be difficult to learn the meaning of "no" without a contrast.  In other words, teach her the meaning of yes at the same time.  When you say no to touching something, follow it up with giving her something she can touch and say "yes".
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
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It's a hard age, as they want their independence.  My son would always tell me NO, as he wanted to do things himself & that's a good/healthy/normal behaviour!  It's a very frustrating time, but be extremely patient (it will pass!)  Instead of saying no, try distracting her.  Pick & choose when to use the word no carefully, because  if you say it often it soon doesn't mean a thing to her (you're like those adult voices in Charlie Brown, lol.)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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My son (15 months) laughs at No and considers it a go ahead and do it! Especially when he just turned one he was bad for that. I tried everything but now I just try to get his attention on something else to have him stop doing it.  I still say NO but then steer him into something else.
answered by archy0050 (895 points)