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what can i use to stop stretch marks

9 votes
i currently use palmers cocoa butter massage lotion for stretch marks but i am still getting stretch marks, what can i do?
asked in General Q&A by marytd (119 points)

3 Answers

4 votes
Bio-Oil seems to work fairly good. It also helps to fade stretch marks you already have.
answered by sspeters (516 points)
2 votes
I think it's genetics!  Ask your mom if she got them & how bad.

Keep using the lotions, most of my friends swore by cocoa butter.  Also, watch your weight! Stay in the recommended weight-gain range that your doc says is normal/healthy (I think it's 20-35 pounds, approx.)  Good luck marytd!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes
I used Mustela. They say it's genetic and nothing will help. But my mom and sister both have stretch marks and I was determined to not have any. Applied it twice a day in the morning in the evening right from 2 months pregnant all the way to delivery. It's about $40 Canadian a bottle but definately worth it!!
answered by rmihalachi (191 points)