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Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy?

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I know you may be thinking what kind of mother would risk her babies health for such vanity but I like my hair what can I say.  Is it safe?  If this poll says no then I wont.
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I dyed my hair when I was 5 months stylist was aware and used a vegetable based dye.  I have to say, although it was a tad more expensive, it was gentler and lasted longer than what I've used before.  And, it was completely safe.
I'd say NO... u have to sacrifice as a mom!  Always best to caution on the safe side! BUT I say gooooo crazy once the baby is born! ;)
I don't really think that there is any danger with this. I haven't seen any evidence. I dyed my hair a couple times while pregnant. Didn't think twice about it.
As per Hospital for Sick Children's Motherisk Program: "evidence suggests there is minimal systemic absorption of hair products, so personal use by pregnant women 3 to 4 times throughout pregnancy is not considered to be of concern."
I had the same question... I am only 12 weeks and not a natural redhead! I asked my OBGYN and he said it only becomes a problem if you dye your hair frequently, such as every month. If you were to dye your hair once or twice during pregnancy, it shouldn't affect the healthy development of your baby!