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We are expecting 2 grand babies in May. What would be the best stroller for when we are caring for both?

15 votes
We want to buy a stroller for when we are caring for our 2 grand babes, both due in May.  What do you think is the best one?
asked in Grandparents by seashore mama (86 points)

6 Answers

2 votes

I would go with 

.... reasonable price at Walmart:

Check it out>>

answered by AskDaddy (2,639 points)
5 votes
I'd prefer the "tandem" strollers, as they are one in the front, one in the back... not side-by-side!  The duoble strollers (side-by side) are big, bulky & hard to fit thru some doors!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes

I have heard good things about the BOB Ironman Duallie.  I like how they are side by side, I think that the ones in front of eachother are a little anti social

answered by Stephanie (528 points)
2 votes
Both of these look great, congratulations on the new grand children,  It looks like you will be great.
answered by busymommy1 (168 points)
3 votes
The one I like is the Bugaboo Donkey

or the cheaper type is the Baby Jogger:City Select

both are super fantastic! good luck!
answered by rmihalachi (191 points)
0 votes
Tandem strollers would be the best if you want them to fit through doorways.  Also, a lot easier to maneuver than the side by sides.  S by S are great but when they get older and one baby moves the whole stroller moves.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)