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At what age do you allow your child to play in your yard alone? [poll]

31 votes
When do you feel it's safe to allow your child to play in your yard all alone?
1 year old (1 vote)
2 (0 votes)
3 (2 votes)
4 (14 votes)
asked in Kids by bcpotts (7,692 points)

16 Answers

0 votes
At least for and I would even say that maybe it should be later at this day and age.  You would rather have them in the yard than in doors, when I was a kid I was running around all over my street at 5 or so.
answered by Julie (169 points)
0 votes
I used to have a fully fenced yard with a very high fence and the latch was really hard to open on the gate, as well as our deck was gated as well so I let my 3 and half year old with 1 and half play on deck by themselves as I did dishes and what not but I also had huge windows that looked onto deck so I could see them at all times! I made sure my deck was baby proofed no different than my house and if I ever had to leave sight of windows I would bring kids in. Now not having a fully fenced yard and no windows to watch them out of, I don't let them ever go out alone. I don't feel safe with them being able to leave the yard so easily or more important, someone being able to enter so easily.
answered by Angelbaby12000 (1,243 points)
0 votes
We were allowed to play in the backyard throughout childhood as it was a safe zone. There was grass, plenty of visibility, a basketball court which was about 15 - 18 feet long or so as my dad would formerly store a trailer there, etc.

From the windows you could see the entire yard as well as the back lane. The kitchen / dining room / washroom / bedroom windows faced in that direction ... so those inside could keep an eye out for those outside.
answered by Evan (1,400 points)
0 votes
I guess it depends what you mean by "all alone"... I definitely wouldn't leave my child ALL alone in the yard until they are much older than four... But to let them go out in a fenced yard by themselves while I do the dishes and watch through the window, fine by three or four.
answered by Tracey Lapham (118 points)
0 votes
Maybe I'm over-protective, but I think 4 is way too young to play outside without supervision. I'd be more comfortable with 8 and even then I'd be checking periodically.

I'd rather err on the careful side than have something disasterous happen and have to live with the consequences.
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)
0 votes
Sorry but I think four is too young to play outdoors alone. I would have to say at least seven and even then I would be checking frequently. I'd rather err on the over protective side than have to live regret because my young child was injured.
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)