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Is your teen sexually active?

15 votes
Do you think your teen is sexually active?  Why do you think this?  Share your thought and concerns.
asked in Teens by bcpotts (7,692 points)

5 Answers

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My oldest is 16 and he has a girlfriend so I am suspicious but all I know is that they are not doing anything in my house, they are never alone together in the house, but I had my husband have "the talk" with him and I just hope that whatever he does it is done responsibly.  He is a smart kid so we are sure he will be making the right decisions.
answered by Teresa (214 points)
selected by bcpotts
I'm past this age Teresa (thank goodness, lol), but I am sooooo concerned about my 17 yr. old niece!  She has a steady bf & he's a great kid, BUT she told me her bf wants her to get pregnant!!!  I was shocked as she is 17 & he is only 16 (tho he is a big boy & looks 19.)  I'm not against teens having safe sex with ONE partner, but I am against younsters that "think" they are mature enuff to become parents! Eeeek!
3 votes
Mine is and I think I may have walked in on them doing something in the basement TV room the other day.  I thought my husband was down there but I was wrong, I think my presence and YELP put an end to anything
answered by DebbieDudley (166 points)
Haha Debbie, been there with my son when he was 17.  He was always great & responsible when it came to condoms & birth control.  I'd prefer if he wasn't sexually active, but I think it's unrealistic.
3 votes
My son is 17. He has many girl 'friends' and it's a collective agreement with all the kids in our small town, they hook up with whomever, no strings attached. We talk openly about being safe and it seems they all know the procedures. We haven't had teen pregnancies in our 12000 population in the past 5 ish years.

I don't agree with this young lifestyle, but as long as we remain open to communicate I do think most kids can make the proper decisions about their safety.
answered by shel1021 (66 points)
Good one shel1021, I feel it is going to happen, I just hope & pray teens are well informed on having "safe"sex!
0 votes
It seems like kids are growing up faster.  We didnt have the internet growing up and the ability to search for anything that your childrens kinky little brains can come up with at the blink of an eye.  I do not let any of my older guys have girls in their rooms and that is pretty much all you can do.  I have thought of putting on an adult content blocker but that just may make it worse.
answered by Vivian (262 points)
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You know, I remember being 16, having a boyfriend and being totally freaked out about sex.  Some of my friends were having it and there was pressure to give in, but I wanted to wait.  It didn't have anything to do with my parents or the media, it had to do with knowing what I wanted out of my life.  I didn't want a baby.  My parents were convinced that just because I had a boyfriend I was having sex.  Made me feel horrible that they didn't have faith in me.  I could've given in at that point because they'd already written me off.  I wish they would have talked to me and ensured me that no matter what happened I could always go to them.  Instead, I regarded them as the enemy and tried to ignore the looks they gave me whenever I went out of the house.  Definitely didn't help our relationship back then and its done nothing for it now.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
By the way, I lost my virginity when I was 18.  An old maid by todays standards and my parents still think I was 16.